Embedded Software

Software services for MicroControllers

FireBee has a very strong capability across the range of microcontrollers on the market, from 8, 16, 32 & 64bit, ARM processors, specialized function ICs & FPGAs. Our current projects run from high speed DSP consumer goods to safety critical industrial controllers & medical products.

With PCB Designers working alongside our Embedded Software engineers, work can be done collaboratively to achieve the best results, whilst reducing costs. On a daily basis we develop software for a range of RF SoCs and ARM core processors.

Capabilities include:

  • Embedded C, Linux, Android & RTOS
  • Industrial Controllers
  • FPGA
  • Neural Networks / Artificial Intelligence
  • Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Consumer Products & Signal Processing / DSP
  • Medical Software
  • GSM (2G/3G/4G)
  • Proprietary 433Mhz, 868Mhz & 2.4GHz Links & Zigbee

PC & Mobile Applications

Multi-Role Applications

With a view to providing complete design solutions to our customers, FireBee has incorporated the ability to produce high-quality PC applications written in C++/Qt. This allows us to develop applications which are cross-platform, and have higher processing and therefore rendering speeds.

Examples of projects include 3D applications optimized to use run on graphics cards, to USB controllers, User Interfaces, Bluetooth and Wireless hubs and networking applications between sensors and cloud servers.

In certain product development cycles such as with Bluetooth, FireBee can develop an App to interact with the product such as a BLE sensor, or consumer device.

Embedded Software Development

PLC Programming

System Design, Software & Implementation

In Industrial environments where PLCs can come in all shapes, sizes, functions and networks, FireBee provides bespoke programming services.

We can interact PLCs with networks, HMIs, Motor Controllers, other systems, and upgrade or rewrite software for existing systems.

In addition we can create bespoke HMI screens for your operators.