RF Test Lab - Bristol

RF Test & Measurement

FireBee's RF Test Lab in Bristol consists of an Anechoic Chamber with additional test and measurement facilities.

FireBee's compact Anechoic Chamber is ideal for conducting device tests to improve RF performance and identify issues prior to CE/FCC certification.

Our Measurement Equipment includes:

  • 20GHz Anechoic Chamber for precise RF Measurements
  • Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer 2.7GHz
  • Rohde & Schawarz Signal Generator 2.7GHz
  • HP 20GHz Sub-sampling Oscilloscope
  • HP Vector Network Analyzer 6GHz with S-Parameter Test set
  • Hantek 200MHz Dual-Channel Oscilloscope
We also have higher frequency equipment available. Please contact us with your requirements in this case.

Product Testing

Typical use of the equipment is in ISM/2.4GHz Wifi/Bluetooth/Zigbee applications in matching the RF front end of a device and then ensuring the output is within the regulatory limits.


Matching is important to ensure the maximum amount of energy from your devices trannsmitter is radiated in the desired frequency band. A poorly matched front-end will often mean the device will fail to reach its desired transmission range or sensitivity. At the very minimum it will use unnecessary excess power. It is a good idea to match the front end prior to CE testing. In the worst case scenario a device with a poorly matched front-end may fail testing and have to be reiterated during the CE process adding considerable cost and delays to the process.

During testing, FireBee's engineers can help in changing components on the front end. This includes depopulating and populating components down to 0201 in size.

All Equipment is available for rent by the day. Please Conatact Us for more information.