Product Design

Concept to Manufacture

FireBee has a team of Engineers capable of providing years of experience to both the styling and engineering quality of your product.

We have worked on project in both consumer, medical and industrial markets, as well as designing products for use in challenging environmental conditions.

For our electronics customers we can reduce time to market and costs by managing the design of the Electronics and Housing concurrently. This is especially of benefit where the housing can impact on factors such as radio performance.

Rapid Prototyping

Quick-turn Prototypes

FireBee has in house capability and equipment for 3D printing, 3D Scanning, Silicon resin casting and CNC milling.

With volumes of production as low as 1 unit, we provide flexibility and a high level of precision to you rapid prototype needs.

Product Design

Design for Injection Moulding

Design and Sourcing

With injection moulding being the backbone of most modern consumer products, FireBee has built a skill base on designing for Injection Moulding.

FireBee also has injection moulding capability for different volume and product requirements. Whatever your requirements, we are certain to be meet your needs.