Innovation Development

Schematic & Layout

FireBee provides comprehensive Electronic Design & PCB Development services to our customers including Industrial, Medical & Consumer products. We have expertise in PCB minaturisation, Wireless Product Development and Embedded Software.

Projects we have worked on include the Start-up, Consumer, Body-Wearable Tech, Medical, Industrial, Transport, Retail, Sensory, Wireless & Communications Sectors.

FireBee can work on new concept projects through to refurbishment and redesign of existing products. In addition we have a comprehensive range of facilities to reduce time-to-market. This includes:

  • A full PCB Production Line for prototpyes and production.
  • A RF/Wireless Test Centre with an Anechoic Chamber and Test equipment to 20GHz.
  • Climate Chamber for testing Temperature and Humidity.
  • Embedded Software toolchains for most devices.

In addition to comprehensive PCB and Embedded Software design services we have in-house Prototyping & Manufacturing services.

Research and Development

Outsourced Product Research

Firebee has extensive experience and on-site facilities for product research.

We have extensive experience in-house of:

  • Hardware & software filtering
  • Digital Signal Processing ( DSP )
  • Materials & Materials Measurement
  • 3D CAD with Stress & Flow Analysis

Electronics Development