Climate Chamber - Bristol

Temperature & Humidity

FireBee has in-house Climate Chamber as a part of our Bristol Test Facilities. Our Climate Chamber can be rented by any external companies and design agencies as required.

FireBee's Sanyo Climate Chamber has the following features:

  • -10 to +180 degrees celcius
    Temperature fluctuation 0.3 degrees celcius
  • Humidity Range:
    @20degC - 50-95% relative humidity
    @30degC - 30-95% relative humidity
    @60degC - 20-95% relative humidity
  • 310 litres capacity
    Internal Dimensions: 680mm width, 650mm depth, 700mm height
  • 45kg Maximum Cabinet Loading
  • 15kg Individual Shelf Loading Capacity

The chamber has suitable electrical inlents to allow you to connect the devices under test to any external hardware and software for monitoring and powering from outside of the Climate Chamber.

You are welcome to rent the chamber by the day and operate the unit with support from FireBee. Alternatively you can provide FireBee with a test specification and we can conduct the tests on your behalf. FireBee can programme the Temperature & Humidity sequence to your specification. You can always be assured of confidentiality and discression on-site.

Conatact Us for more information.

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