Bluetooth Low Energy Development

Concept to Certification

FireBee provides full development solutions for Bluetooth Low Energy Products, including PCB design, Embedded Software, RF Testing and Plastics design.

In addition to our reputation and experience as developers for Bluetooth Low Energy products and other Radio-based devices, we have an on-site anechoic chamber with high frequency test equipment.

We can develop either the full product on your behalf or act as supporting consultants to your existing team.

Common Bluetoooth Low Energy (BLE) products include Wireless Sensors, Body-Wearable Tech and the Internet-of-Things.

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Bluetooth Facilities

Complex RF Device Development

Firebee has extensive experience and on-site facilities for delivering wireless products to market. Our Optimisation, Test and Measurement facilities include:

  • 20GHz Anechoic Chamber for precise RF Measurements
  • Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer 2.7GHz
  • Rohde & Schawarz Signal Generator 2.7GHz
  • HP 20GHz Sub-sampling Oscilloscope
  • HP Vector Network Analyzer 6GHz with S-Parameter Test set
  • Hantek 200MHz Dual-Channel Oscilloscope

At 2.4GHz, Bluetooth is fully supported by our in-house facilities.

Our prototype and production capabilities include a full production facility with Automatic Optical Inspection.

Electronics Development

Bluetooth Prototyping & Manufacture

Quick-turn Services

FireBee has In-House facilities to assemble and test PCBs on short turn-arounds in volumes as low as 1 unit.

In addition FireBee has 3D Printing, CNC and Plastic Cast facilties.